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Welcome to our beautiful website – we are glad you are here! Look around and get to know what makes Rootz of Inspiration, our retail store, and Window Wonderz – our handmade acrylic products (that are made in the shop, in the back of Rootz) the unique and incredible businesses that they are!

HI!  I’m Jeremy Westrum, owner of Rootz of Inspiration and Window Wonderz.  Both of these businesses would never have come to be, without me going through some pretty tough times.  In my “previous life,” I struggled immensely with my mental health due to my Bipolar Disorder and chemical dependency problems I’ve had for over a decade.  This all culminated after I had a massive, ischemic stroke, in January of 2016 at the age of 30 years old. The stroke left me with most of the left hemisphere of my brain.. “dead”.  I literally had to the long recovery of learning how to talk again and regaining my energy. It took years to actually be able to recover from such a massive stroke.  In the months to come after my stroke, I went through complete Hell, due to me still struggling with my demons that seemed to have compounded due to my new physical disability.  It wasn’t until the Fall of 2016 I was finally fortunate enough to have spiraled into a deep rock bottom, my final rock bottom.  I am happy to say 2022 will be my 6th year of sobriety and 6th year of being mentally healthy!

I was slowly able to recover and stay healthy with the help of various things like medications, eastern medicine, mindfulness, good vibes, and really focusing on learning more about true myself and my emotions.  But believe it or not, the number one thing that complimented my life in a healthy way, allowed me to recover, and what sent me on a fulfilling path was… succulents!  I started propagating lots and lots and lots of succulents (I was and still am an addict after all!) and after running out of space in my little 500 sq. ft apartment – I started creating suction cup planters out of acrylic (plexiglass)!  It is true what they say.. “Invention is the Mother of Necessity”!  And at that time, Window Wonderz was born!  Rootz of Inspiration came to be about 4 years down the journey and truly created a new home for me to continue to grow and help grow others through a pretty incredible place I am blessed enough to call “my office”.

Currently, I have 6 part-time employees calling Rootz and Window Wonderz their place of employment. I hire specifically individuals with various types of disabilities and others in recovery from chemical dependency. Rootz retail enjoys the incredible work of 35 local artists, lots and lots and lots of plants, pots, crystals, Window Wonderz products, and of course Mr. Wesley – my doggy!. Last but not least – we have some pretty incredible customers from both the Rootz physical brick and mortar and everyone from online sales that we appreciate very much!

If you’ve made it this far.. I really appreciate you getting to know me and my story!  Once you’re done enjoying the website, be sure to stop in and see Rootz in person if you haven’t yet! We are located at 1121 7th St NW, Rochester, MN, 55901. If you’re interested in learning more about my story and seeing all the fun happenings going on at Rootz, be sure to check out our blog space! <*Coming Soon!*>

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